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Pulmuone Foods
  • 풀무원
    The representative wholesome foods brand that uses fresh, safe ingredients and minimal processing
    • TofuBean SproutsNatto
    • EggsSeafood
    • SaladMuesliHealthy Snacks
    • IceRiceCheese
  • 생가득
    Brand that focuses on simple meals with fresh ingredients to create unique dishes for your family
    • NoodlesDumplings
    • Tteok-bokki (Stir-Fried Rice Cakes)
    • Frozen RiceDumplings
    • Fresh SoupsDough Snacks
    • Western Food Sauces
    • Fried Tofu Rice BallsMini Rice Rolls
  • 찬마루
    Banchan (small side dishes served with rice) and seasonings for various main dishes made with quality ingredients to bring out the true flavors of a carefully prepared homemade meal
    • KimchiPicklingSide Dishes
    • soupFermented Pastes
    • SeasoningsNaturalseasoning
  • SOGA
    From raw materials to processing—Pulmuone guarantees all aspects of this reasonably priced brand.
    • TofuBean SproutsEggs
    • Frozen RiceFish Cakes
    • Dumplings
    • Rice Cakes & Noodles
  • I'm Real
    Not a single drop of water is added to these freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices!
    • Fresh Fruit JuicesYogurtsSmoothies
  • 스파클링 아일랜드
    Sparkling water made from Jeju lava seawater
    • Carbonated Water
  • 자연은 맛있다
    Non-fried and air-dried fresh ramyun
    • Fresh ramyun
  • 알래스칸특급
    Premium fish cakes made from 100% natural pollack meat from Alaskan waters
    • Fish Cakes
    Brand that provides specialized products, food ingredients and services tailored to each phase of the customer lifecycle based on LOHAS values.
  • Food ingredients that embody five core values (healthy, safe, convenient, delicious, new)
    • TofuProcessed TofuJellyPickling
    • Side DishesKimchiNoodles
    • DumplingsBread & Rice Cakes
    • BeveragesDairy ProductsProcessed Meat
    • Processed SeafoodSauces
    • HMR(Home meal Replacement)
    • Cooking OilsSeasonings
    • Dried & Fresh SeaweedEggs
    • Fresh & Processed Seafood
  • Food ingredients tailored to infants and toddlers that allow for convenient easy feeding, safety and balanced nutrition
    • Pre-processed VegetablesFruitsGrains
    • Processed SeafoodProcessed MeatMeatEggs
    • BeveragesProcessed MeatBread & Rice CakesSeafood
  • Food ingredients tailored to seniors that are easy to chew and digest
    • Pre-processed VegetablesProcessed Meat ProductsRice Cakes
    • BeveragesSauces
  • Food ingredients for professional dining businesses that emphasize “convenience” and “taste”
    • DumplingsFried RiceSaucesNoodles
  • Specialized coffee brand, symbolizing “coffee, ready for you to enjoy anywhere”
    • Coffee BeansProcessed Coffee BeansCoffee Machines
    • Syrup SaucesOther Materials
Pulmuone U.S.A
  • Brand that supplies products from Pulmuone Foods such as ramyun, fresh noodles, and tofu to both mainstream and Asian food markets in the U.S.
    • TofuFresh NoodlesFresh RamyunKimchi
    • Fish CakesFried Tofu Rice BallsPicklingSeasoned Laver
    • SaucesDressingDumplingsGrains
    • Tteok-bokki (Stir-Fried Rice Cakes)Natto
  • Brand that supplies products such as organic tofu, meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, and soymilk to the Natural Market
    • TofuMeat AlternativesSoymilkSauces
  • Brand that supplies tofu as a meal ingredient to food and dining services
    • Tofu
  • Brand that supplies pasta, ready-to-eat meals, sauces, etc. to the mainstream market in the U.S.
    • PastasReady-to-eat MealsSauces
  • Brand that supplies sauce products to the Natural Market and the mainstream market in the U.S.
    • Sauces
  • Brand that supplies pesto, tapenade, and other high-end sauces to the Natural Market and the mainstream market in the U.S
    • Sauces
  • Brand that supplies affordably priced pastas to distribution channels in the U.S.
    • CheeseSaucesPastas
  • Brand that supplies organic tofu, Asian food products, etc. to the Natural Market and the mainstream market in the U.S.
    • TofuPastasAsian-style WrapsSauces
  • Brand that supplies reasonably priced tofu made from eco-friendly soybeans to the Natural Market and the mainstream market in the U.S.
    • Tofu
  • Brand that supplies tofu to Chinese and other Asian markets
    • Tofu
  • Representative soy protein brand in Japan that manufactures and supplies tofu and fried tofu products
    • TofuFried Tofu
Pumeiduo Foods Co., Ltd (China)
  • LOHAS fresh food brand that manufactures and distributes food such as noodles, rice cakes, kimchi, tofu, dumplings, sauces, and eggs.
    • NoodlesRice CakesKimchiTofuDumplings
    • Western Food SaucesSeasoningsEggs
    • Fresh Fruit JuicesSeasoned LaverLaver SnacksMilk
Pulmuone Waters
  • First-rate eco mineral water with freshness that comes from the deepest bedrock
    • Mineral Water
Danone Pulmuone
  • Company dedicated to yogurt products established by Pulmuone and Danone, the world’s No. 1 fermented milk products company
    • Yogurts